The Monster Within

by The Brains



released April 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Sailor's Grave Records Pennsylvania

Sailor's Grave Records brings you the soundtrack of life as lived by those with black eyes, bad luck and worse tattoos. Home of the best streetpunk, Oi! and psychobilly!

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Track Name: The Monster Within
black seas of infinity
what lies beneath to see
a black stone raised from the deep
the demon beast calling to me

sleeping beast, rise from the sea
to rule the world eternally
the voice of demons calls from the dark
satan laughing as hellhounds bark

an evil idol cut from stone
a deeper hell remains unknown
writhing face and devil wings
end of days and suffering
Track Name: Give It All
his black bottle in my right hand
no regrets
i want some chaos a filthy mess
no control

i -can- see-you've- fa-llen -for- me

give --it all. - give it all l you've got
we can go all night
give-- it all. - give it all l you've got
Nothing feels so right

this dark corner way in the back
no restraint
a hundred bottles, i gotta drink
ten more rounds
Track Name: Misery
my head's all busted my nose is bloody, another rough night out
i got smashed up and beaten down, i gotta watch my mouth
sit down for another round, but they told me to get out
fuck you man you're out of hand. better not come around

keep me out of MY MISERY
give me what i need
keep me flying high don't let me hit the ground

keep me out of MY MISERY
give me what i need
keep me flying high

on my way home i hit a bend, engine revving high
I wrapped that bitch around a tree, I'm lucky i didn't die
my back's fucked up and my legs got crushed, poppin' pills all the time
the doctor gave me those crazy drugs and now im feeling fine
Track Name: The Damned
when i woke in berlin, woke from dreams of you
but how could i know, what you'd never show
and all the things you do

i thought we were getting stronger, and all the times we've had
our love, it ran true, no wrong we could do
our promises where in vain

please, please, my darling i cant believe my eyes
don't know what to do, my nightmare's come true
forever i'll be damned

when i look at you my love , all I see are lies
the one i despise ,see through your disguise
The hate burns in my eyes

still i'll always love you, the love i cannot leave
my place is with you, no other can do
but it's still just a dream
Track Name: Bleed
bleed bleed me a river
so i can float on down to hell
die die a little slower
i wanna hear your last exhale

dark looming, i see your fate
this ain't no heaven ain't no pearly gates
they got a place for you way down in hell
when will you go there, only i can tell

hands wrapped around your throat
try not to smile as i watch you choke
i wanna laugh but it seems so wrong
i'll see you baby before too long
Track Name: Stay Back
stay, stay back baby I'm the wrong one
you know i aint aint no good for you
got a bad bad reputation I'm a wild one
i ain't the one to make your dreams come true

fighting in the streets fuckin in the back seat
doing lots of dirty deeds

better stay low as I'm coming through the back door
get down on your knees

got a hundred chicks , playing all my tricks
you know you ain't the only one

don't get your hopes up, baby grab another cup
I'm only looking for some fun

Ain't a nice girl, in the can she's gonna hurl
she a chick who likes to drink

never had a daddy, keeps on acting badly
she just does and never thinks

slap you in the face, creeping round without a trace
chicky is the devil's brood

cussing like a sailor, u know u wanna nail her
talking shit and acting rude
Track Name: Electrik Shock
one thousand miles our graveyard friends
no time for sleeping cuz this ain't the end
rockers were shockers, mad sick brits
smoking dope and taking a piss

the heat is hot tonight, the drive is long
back on the bus and drunk all along
the shine of silver flash in the night
the slapping bass, hits me just right

cross country shit storm, with undead kats
a shot of vodka and a punch to the sack
freakshow in finland the night rocks on
drinking back black shit and getting real gone


rocking my life away, live by the road
so many times and stories we've told
so what I'm wasted, my life was not
a screaming demon electric shock
Track Name: Rest In Pieces
a thirst for blood and trembling hands
a hatred burning i plot my revenge
i cry for murder quick comes the knife
i dream at night of an end to this life

rest in pieces a pile of parts
no more evil and broken hearts
rest in hell i'll send you straight to hell

shadows rocking and holding my breath
the scream unending inside my head
i feel the shaking i try to be still
visions come creeping a view to a kill
Track Name: Cucaracha In Leather
Track Name: Kill Kill
who ever knew what happened to you
sweet little girl loving and true

below the skin a raging storm

kill kill i know that you must
a need to bleed for blood you lust
the one that i thought that i could trust
over and over

a darkened past a tale of abuse
a man made monster a burning fuse
Track Name: Suffering And Pain
ohhh suffering and pain
etched in my skin the ink will remain
ohhhh suffering and pain
bring back this memory all over again

the blood flows black
a steady hand
no turning back
no second chance

the pain is welcome
my oldest friend
pounding ink
justifies the end

some you regret
a soiled past
the things we've done
could never last

times of celebration
though born to lose
a life unending
the life i choose
Track Name: Devil In Disguise
i own the night, i need your love
my angels
but I'm the devil in disguise

rip rip the flesh right from your bones
a monster they will never know
a hellbound fiend

go go so lost i cannot see
what am i and what can i be
what's real and fantasy

YEAH YEAH im crazed out of control
the demon beast that owns my soul
a heart as black as coal

shake shake me from these awful dreams
where i see death by every means
until you scream
(a bloody scream)

my blood runs cold
what have i done
it fades to dust
Track Name: Lies
the salty tears rolling down your face
the look you gave me when we left that place
the tears you'll cry after i leave you
the one you lost the one you never knew

the sounds of screaming and pounding flesh
the way we had it when our love was fresh
but now its gone its not you i need
i love the body and i crave the deed

lies lies
the story of our lives
the hope you have as you burn alive

cries cries
a lonely broken night
long forgotten before you realize
Track Name: Rolling Down
rough 'round the edges 
we cut like a knife
 in this together 
rockers for life
rebellious like leather 
out on the open road

 on with the show

rolling down the highway 
drinking way way past dawn 
living for the moment 
it's now, let's get it on

no one can understand
why we need to wander this land

sleeping in truck stops
no rest, no rest for the dead
wide awake at sunrise
i’m out, out of my head

raising hell forever 
we live for the night
ring the bell together
 we're ready to fight