Sit Still

by Burning Streets

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released September 6, 2011



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Sailor's Grave Records Pennsylvania

Sailor's Grave Records brings you the soundtrack of life as lived by those with black eyes, bad luck and worse tattoos. Home of the best streetpunk, Oi! and psychobilly!

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Track Name: The Distance Between
We had no way to know
That the beauty of our yesterday
Could grab us by the throat
Collecting for the frames
Picking out our favorite memories
And keeping them a glimpse away
With the world on our shoulders,
We all need a little strength
We find it in ourselves to reach for the reasons
Reach for the reasons why

I’m staring at the sun in the sky
Wondering where you are
I’m dreaming, no way this can be real
It’s something we hear about but we never think we’d feel
It hit our hearts, now they’re too heavy to move

Promises, Promises
Picked us up and threw us down
Problems we had before, don’t seem like problems (anymore)
The worst is over

So many questions, I’m left scratching my head
And the cold New England weather, it just stings my senses
I started to hate this time of year
But was it selfish to keep you here
When you could make somebody’s day
With a stupid story
So many things we can’t get back
So many moments we’re making last
It’s all we’ve got, it’s all we’ll ever have

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Disappointed
I’ve got ideas running through my head to a melody
Singing songs about better company
Well, we’re running out of space now, we’re running out of breath
I don’t want this story line to define who we are

I’m holding on and I’m praying
That we’ll figure it out but I’m only gunna be disappointed
What are we screaming about?
Keep the papers printing black and white
Mask the worlds true colors so I sleep tonight
Well we’re running into problems, we sail against the wind
I’m screaming at a wall that just don’t wanna talk


We’ve got to let things go, We’ve got to let things go

Chorus (repeat)
Track Name: Blood I Need
We’re getting closer to the place where we need to be
The lines have been drawn
And it took us a while to find what we’re after
Find every love is a sleeping disaster

Now I’m out there and the sky is as clear as my mind
I still see it, I don’t feel anything tonight
In your fucking world
Handcuffed again, running circles in while rooms
My broken heart won’t pump the blood I need
All but consumed in the shadow
That paints the ceilings every night

If I had it my way we’d be joined at the head,
Split at the heart and connected again
Only to find that the pieces don’t agree

We may never be the same again,
We may up and fall to pieces again

How can I get used to the pain
With the pointed fingers?